STEM Santa Fe is the proud recipient of the
2018 Non-profit of the year
for the New Mexico Excellence in STEM Award





STEM Santa Fe advocates for, develops and provides STEM programming, mentoring and resources for all youth, especially under-represented groups in STEM, to realize their potential and expand their opportunities in a dynamic world.


STEM Santa Fe envisions a world filled with analytical citizens exploring complex issues for the betterment of society.

Focus areas

1.  Initiating out-of-school enrichment and mentoring programs in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

2. Mentoring students to attend and enter STEM competitions in the region.

3.  Fostering  teamwork, problem solving skills, and resilience to prepare the youth for the future job market demand.

4.  Organizing STEM conferences and events to inspire students to remain engaged in school and in STEM fields.

5.  Engaging under-represented groups in STEM, mainly girls, Hispanics and Native Americans to close the achievement gap

6.  Partnering with local groups , schools and non-profits advocating for STEM education.

7.  Building a supportive network among students, teachers, STEM professionals, volunteers, and educators for productive collaboration.


 2018-2019 at a glance summary of STEM Santa Fe

 2017-2018 at a glance summary of STEM Santa Fe

 2016-2017 at a glance summary of STEM Santa Fe

Detailed summary reports on individual programs can be found here.



Lina Germann, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Lina Germann is a proud mother of two boys, a STEM advocate, a change agent, and a community organizer. She is committed to promoting STEM education in New Mexico especially to girls and under-represented minorities.  Born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon, Lina received her Ph.D. in Chemistry from Boston College and did research for three years at Harvard University. In 1997 Lina moved with her husband to Santa Fe and immediately became active in her community, volunteering with many nonprofit organizations as well as alternatingly working in the local tech business sector and in the education arena.  In February 2016, Lina Germann founded STEM Santa Fe in order to continue promoting STEM education with greater impact and to develop quality innovative programming for the youth in our community.

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