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STEM Santa Fe Events

–> RoboRAVE US 2017 in New Mexico, Friday and Saturday May 5-6, 2017

STEM Santa Fe organized and funded one team from El Camino Real Academy to participate in RoboRAVE, a Robotics Competition. Three students from ECRA competed in the A-MAZE-ing Challenge with their robot, where the MAZE was revealed onsite and students had to program and debug on the spot.


–> Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival – Santa Fe: Friday February 24, 2017

STEM Santa Fe is proud to bring for the first time in New Mexico the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival in Santa Fe. This Festival is meant to inspire students to explore the richness and beauty of mathematics through activities that encourage collaborative, creative problem-solving. The Festival introduces kids to the beauty of mathematics by providing interesting, inspiring, engaging, thought-provoking problems.


–> New Mexico Electric Car Challenge, Saturday November 19, 2016

STEM Santa Fe organized and funded three teams from El Camino Real Academy to participate in the New Mexico Electric Car Challenge. 14 students, including two girls, from ECRA competed with 3 electric cars that they hand-built and debugged. This was the only school from Santa Fe that participated in this state-wide event.

On September 1, 2016 STEM Santa Fe started a 2-hour weekly STEM Afterschool Club at El Camino Real Academy (ECRA). 5th-8th grade students interested in (1) hands-on STEM activities and (2) competing in STEM competitions and challenges are welcome to join. STEM Santa Fe provides programming and mentorship as well as help with fundraising and logistics.

–> Fall 2016 Expanding Your Horizons – Santa Fe, Saturday October 15, 2016

STEM Santa Fe is proud to be the leading organizer of the Fall Expanding You Horizons conference in Santa Fe. Expanding Your Horizons (EYH) is a conference for girls in 5th-8th grade. This day-long event will include hands-on workshops in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) led by women professionals. At the conference, girls will get a chance to meet STEM role models and learn more about careers in those fields. Our goal is to motivate girls to become innovative and creative thinkers ready to meet 21st Century challenges.
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Saturday October 15, 2016 conference was attended by 168 girls from Northern New Mexico. The program included a keynote address, 12 STEM workshops and a STEM and College Fair.

For NM Girls 5th thru 8th grades