2019 Congressional App Challenge

News Release: Brave x STEM Santa Fe Day Camp Participants Top Winners of the 2019 Congressional App Challenge

the projects submitted by STEM Santa FE Teams to the Congressional App Challenge 2019

1st Prize Winner of CAC in Congressional District 3
Kids Against Racism

Ruth Calija, Ytzel Romo- Olivas, and Diana Vazquez

“Our application is made to inform people about racism, what is being done with the situation, stories about personal situations and biases. We wanted to create this app because we feel that racism isn’t spoken about enough”

3rd Prize Winner of CAC in Congressional District 3
Grow My Smile

Vinaya Kurapati, Eliana Lovato, and Rubiatou (Ruby) Sallah

“Our app was programmed to help adults with their daily diet. We decided that we had to make our app interesting so that it encourages adults to stay healthy. We hope our app can really help improve adults’ diets so it can keep them healthy, and it can keep them smiling.”

Megamind Health

Deepasha Bhanderi, Cameren Gantt, and Amanda Kitrell

“Our app describes symptoms, what each mental illness is, and some ways to help each illness. The “Definitions” page, describes more in-depth definitions of each mental illness, symptoms, and causes. On our “Help Hotline” page, we listed mental illness hotlines in case of emergencies and ways to reduce your stress, anxiety, and other illnesses. The hotlines are open from 8-5 daily. Abuse hotlines are also listed. There are over 10 hotlines that you can call. Another thing our app does is connects to a live chat so that you can talk with people for support through your hard times. One can share one’s story on the chat and others can talk about your story and help you through it. …We made this so that one knows how to help and knows what they are going through. This allows people to be more open and helpful to others that need more time and attention.”       

Santa Fe Brave

Nicole Gonzales, Kaylee Howley, and Diana Lopez-Linan

“Santa Fe Brave is an app that brings awareness as well as gives help with expensive insurance. We have made an interactive map as well as lists of links to hospitals in major cities In these links, you will find the insurance plans that they except as well as more information. We also offer a game that takes you through a path until you find the perfect insurance fit for you.”

R.O.M. (Representation of Minorities)

Emma Abby, AlexisDo, and Zaire Gonzales-Biele

“This app is made to help people in society be more aware of the lack of representation of minorities in literature and to show more diversity in books. It is a search engine made just for books and it has a section where you can comment on what you’ve been through or experienced with racism, homophobia, transphobia, discrimination based on religion, etc. There are also information panels about who we are, why we want to raise awareness, and about how stereotypes are assumptions and not always the truth. This app is to inspire younger members of minorities to believe that people of their minority can be the hero or main character. We want to provide young people who are part of marginalized groups with characters who are similar to them and in doing that. Our goal is to have youth who don’t see themselves represented in the media find books that show them that what they look like doesn’t matter and that they don’t have to be like the people who are typically presented to them in books.

Three Girls for the Planet

Madison Garcia, Alegra Vierra, and Lila Wolfe

“We created an app about the environment, specifically focusing on areas of renewable resources and deforestation. We each created our own page of the app, where we explained what our topic was, why it is important and ways the public can help support this. Each page has sources listed on the bottom for more information, and there are links to petitions, nonprofits, and ways to write to your local congressman about these issues. The goal of our website is to inform people about our current environmental state and to offer suggestions of ways they can change their lives for the benefit of the environment.”