This organization is stepping up to serve in ways that makes me so excited. Though we have a lot of work to do where education is concerned, it’s organizations like this that make me feel hopeful. Thank you STEM Santa Fe for being a beacon during these challenging times!
– Rubina Cohen, Founder & CEO, Firefly Strategies

“The STEM Santa Fe 3D camp was a great learning experience for our son. The staff and teachers were organized, they kept the campers engaged, provided challenging but realistic projects that made for exciting results in the form of 3D forms! We would love to do this again and highly recommend it to others with an interest in 3D.”
– Jennifer & Khristaan Villela, Parent

“Buenas noches,  quiero expresar mi gran respeto a Uds por el trabajo tan lindo que hacen para los niños, personalmente Samantha experimentó un nuevo conocimiento que le permitió aprender de tecnología e información.

Realmente ella disfruto muchísimo y yo como madre me hace sentir orgullosa. Les deseo éxitos para que puedan seguir adelante con sus proyectos y sean parte de motivación para las nuevas generations.”

“Good evening, I want to express my great respect to you for the beautiful work you do for the children. Samantha personally experienced a new knowledge that allowed her to learn about technology and information.
She really enjoyed it very much and I as a mother makes me feel proud. I wish you success so that you can continue with your projects and be part of the motivation for the new generations. “

– Jessica Corrales Quirós, Parent

“As a whole, the mentorship was a challenging, yet fulfilling experience. Creating the Smart Greenhouse was extremely informative, and a creative method to become more eco friendly. I learned a variety of skills including: how to be precise, coding, patience, how to effectively communicate, and especially teamwork. The most difficult aspect of the mentorship was learning how to effectively code, be precise, and accurate. When writing code, making a single mistake can disrupt the whole programming system and will not produce the desired results. Overall, this was an excellent learning experience and we highly recommend it to other schools.”
– Alexandra Mendoza, Capital High School student

“STEM education for girls is incredibly important to me. As a father of daughters and a leader in technology, I advocate for under-represented groups in tech and engineering. STEM Santa Fe walks the walk when it comes to fighting for resources to educate girls in STEM programs. Eliana was able to compete and place, in a congressional coding camp challenge because of this awesome organization.”
– Jeremy Lovato, Parent