STEM Activity of the Day

The activities are tailored mainly for students in grade 6-8 but everyone is welcome to try them. Family members are encouraged to work on the activities and explore and learn together. 

Adult permission and supervision required before trying these activities at home!

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Week 1

One of our favorite activities from Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival


Light Bulbs

Light Bulbs SPANISH

Watch Video for more info

 An App is available

Use playing cards to help with the thinking process.
Do not use the exhaustive method. Simplify the problem instead.

An engineering exercise

Many levels from easy to hard

A database of paper airplanes with easy to follow folding instructions, video tutorials and printable folding plans. Find the best paper airplanes that fly the furthest and stay aloft the longest.

A Computer Science activity

Computer Science Fundamentals -Express

Express Course

Start with the Dance Party lesson

A Science/Biology activity

Learn some Basic Genetics by watching these Cool informative videos, then try one of those activities

An outdoor activity

Take It Outside and learn about bird habitats,

Build a nest or do one of the challenges listed.

Week 2

Another activity from Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival


Tower of Hanoi

La Torre de Hanoi

Watch Video for more info

 An App is available

If you do not have the tower, use coins of different sizes or make circles of different sizes from cardboard.

An activity that was a workshop at our 2019 STEM Pathways for Girls conference.

Building Roller Coasters

A computer science activity with multiple levels.

EduCode Academy

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These activities are meant for High School students.

A climate change activity for all ages

NASA Climate kids


Polar Bears and the Tundra

Week 3

A Math activity from the Bridges organization on mathematical connections in art, music, architecture, education, and culture.

Pull-Up Patterned Polyhedra: Platonic Solids for the Classroom

If you put one together, send us a picture and we’ll post it on our social media outlets.

A hands-on engineering activity Creating a Saltwater Circuit
Play and learn Python at the same time! Code Combat

Time for some science lab!

How to extract DNA from green split peas

Have you tried Sudoku?

New York Times Sudoku

The objective is to fill a 9×9 grid with digits so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3×3 subgrids that compose the grid contain all of the digits from 1 to 9 (Wikipedia)

Tip: You might find it easier to print it first.

Week 4

Math Day!

Frogs and Toads

Sapos y Ranas

Watch Video for more info

You can draw a grid on paper and play using pennies or any two different color pawns.

You can play online at:
Frog Puzzle

Engineering Design a Parachute
Computer Science offline activity Build an Enigma
Make your own pH meter to test the acidity and basicity of household solutions. Cabbage Chemistry


Wild card Did you do Cabbage Chemistry exercise?

Now you can enter the kitchen and make Unicorn Noodles

Week 5

Math Day!

Wolves and Sheep

Lobos y Ovejas

Watch Video for more info

 An App is available

Engineering and Design Have you ever thought of designing something to print on 3D printer.

Start design engineering using TinkerCAD

Offer only available for K-12 students in Northern NM:
We will try to print it for you, as long as it doesn’t take more than 30 minutes to print, so start small.

You need to create an account to save all your work in the cloud.


Computer Science and society

Learn about artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning while exploring ethical issues.

AI for Oceans

Science Lab Day! What do you know about Chromatography?

Try this lab on Ink Chromatography

Tip: It is best to use washable markers for ink spots.

NOVA has some really informative videos Adaptations to Changes in Temperature | Polar Extremes

Week 6

Math and Design



Watch Video for more info

 An App is available
You can use Pencil and paper to solve.
There are other apps for more activities to try:
Engineering Make a 3D Labyrinth at home.

Try Camp Galileo‘s design and improve.

or try this one but needs an adult to help as it involved glue and cutting with a knife.

Computer Science Build an app with Thunkable

Thunkable is a blocks-based mobile app building platform.

Science : Polymer Chemistry Make a Bouncing Polymer Ball

Make sure you follow the scientific method, take notes and experiment with the ratios of the amounts of the reagents.

Wildcard STEM activity Make and cutting a Möbius strip

Watch this Animated Topology first

There are many other videos to show you how like this one.

Week 7


Blue Dot Solitaire

Solitario de Puntos

Watch Video for more info

 An App is available
Engineering Design Process Convertible Shoes: Function, Fashion and Design
Computer Science and Art Start learning Python and draw

CMU CS Acafrdemy

Science Virtual Frog Dissection

You might need to enable Flash on your browser for that site.

Wildcard STEM Activity Nanotechnology

Watch this video

Make a Size Wheel

Week 8

JRMF Math Activity

Color Triangle

Triángulos de

Watch Video for more info

 An App is available

Build an Index Tower

Challenge your tower with how many artifacts you can put on top.

Computer Science Program a Lightbot

Tip: You will need to enable Flash on that site.

Science: Physics!

Learn about Vectors

Vector Addition is very important in Physics.

Then try this exercise on Relative Velocity: Boat Crossing a River

Wildcard STEM Activity Let’s celebrate and thank our mothers on Mother’s Day by creating a STEM present.

Tips: The gift tags could also be bookmarks or cards

Week 9

JRMF Math Activity

Digit Sums

Sumas de Dígitos

Engineering Design and Build a Rube Goldberg

Who is Rube Goldberg?

Computer Science Take a Code Break

Weekly interactive classroom and a new activity or challenge every week with options for beginners, experienced students, and even students without computers.

Science: Time for a lab on pH

Enzyme-controlled Reactions


You need to allow Flash for this site to work

Keep a journal of your experiments and keep track of your variables. You can print your results.

Wildcard STEM Activity Time for try another type of Sudoku



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